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Back Track

Franz Joseph Haydn An 18th-century classical composer. He has been called the father of the symphony, although his work really only laid the groundwork for what was to become the symphony. Friends called him “Papa Haydn” because he was so congenial and ready to help others. ©Copyright 1994. Microsoft® Encarta.

jpl demcorp

The Company

JPL MULTI-MEDIA DYNAMIC ENTERTAINMENT & MANAGEMENT CORPORATION (JPL DEMCORP) was formed on October 19, 1990 with 5 incorporators headed by John Lesaca & Ma. Lourdes Tuason-Arroyo, as Chairman/CEO and President/COO respectively. Having an authorized capital of P1,000,000.00.

JPL Demcorp fulfills the need for a formal organization to implement, manage, provide investment for enterprises, and to undertake, carry on, assist or participate in the promotion, organization, management or production of concerts, stage shows, recordings in either phonograph records, cassette tapes, compact discs, video-audio tapes and other similar forms; television and /or cable shows and /or specials and music schools, all of which were deluging Mr. Lesaca and Ms. Arroyo individually - It was time to formalize a legal entity to handle their business concerns.

Demcorp values respect and word of honor greatly. Its leaders make it a point to speak personally to the people directly involved in its various projects, prepares memoranda of agreement personally and goes out of their way to ensure the successful implementation of the project. This personal style of management, together with its quality standards, have proven to be its major plus factor for the company ever since its inception. Tempered with a conservative attitude, it is company policy not to rush into projects nor to extend itself thinly.

Company Activities

Having established partnerships with organizations in Bacolod, Cebu, Davao & General Santos City as well as in Manila ( Rotary East Davao, Maharlika Foundation of Davao, Davao Chamber of Commerce, Bacolod Consolidated Farmer's Association, Demcorp Cebu, Ribs N' Jazz Corporation of General Santos City, Rotary Club of Balintawak 3780), the scope of its projects range from charitable to profit oriented undertakings.

Through its President, Ma. Lourdes T. Arroyo and resident artist John Lesaca, Demcorp has given support to the Tahanang Walang Hagdan Foundation, the Foundation for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled, and the Center for the Prevention & Treatment of Sexually Abused Children. It is also a consultant for Techno Ventures, an Italian electronics manufacturing company based in the Philippines.

For its year long television project (The John Lesaca Show) Demcorp employs 25 people as regulars and 35 people as casuals, with 6 regular suppliers for lights, sounds, stage, TV equipment, props and musicians. As many as 40 casuals are hired for its self produced major musical concerts with 7 suppliers which usually run three times a year.

The Future

In the future, Demcorp intends to:

    ... finalize research and instrument manufacturing development not only for the performing arts but also for a very new field: Applied Music Therapy in Medicine

    ... establish a music school with a curriculum accredited by the various foreign academic establishments to give students a direct pipeline to World Culture using technology at its optimum

    ... build international caliber rehearsal studios for franchise

Business Address

16 Badjao Street, La Vista Subdivision,
Quezon City, Philippines 1108
E-mail Address: johnlesa@zpdee.net
Phone: (632) 928 4264 * 924 3391
Telefax: (632) 922 6510

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